A blissfully romantic reworking of Shakespeare's 'Romeo And Juliet' set to music that effectively promotes the dramatic experience and (honestly or deceptively) ingratiatingly represents the spirit of a lyric that philosophically looks to one's own (unscrutinized) heart (and possibly hormones) as the ultimate approved guide to life and love while subjecting or ignoring moral, spiritual and other relevant considerations. This partially depicts the precarious nature of a decision-making agency that is blinkered by an inadequate or incomplete worldview (with respect to Biblical advice), and is therefore at the mercy of chance.


A disgraceful dogma (despite the graceful music), obsessively promoting - by hypnotic suggestion - vain, vulgar and perverted self-indulgence that leaves no room for others to determine (or at least express) their own opinions regarding beauty and whether or not that is even the concern of a matter; typical of an economy (world) that is competitive (rather than cooperative) and seeks it's satisfaction in lordship instead of friendship. Despicable.


Great fun. Life is simple, life is safe... but wait a minute... why does he behave the way he does ? Confusion (and social pressures) is (or becomes) undeniable but, rightly or wrongly, people often desire to and do change. A well-constructed song with positive vibes, but one that is lyrically ignorant of the give and take nature of (spiritual and personal) life and growth and the wisdom, or otherwise, of the choices we make (and attitudes we have) in these matters.