(JOHN 3:16) Biblical salvation is an individual's deliverance from our (otherwise hopeless) inherited fallen state and it's condemnation: the sentence of hell (the penalty for sin) and the power of the devil (the bond of sin); by means of spiritual regeneration - through the forgiveness of sins (as a gift from God) via personal faith in, i.e. acceptance of and commitment to, Christ, his deity, and his (sinless) human life, vicarious death (atonement) and resurrection.


(EXODUS 29:43) Sanctification refers not only to a Christian's salvation from sin, but to our soul's separation from all vanity and resultant fitness for the divine purpose - through the willing pursuit, and observance, of a spiritual appreciation for God's transcendent glory.


(1 SAMUEL 15:22) Ordained service refers not to everything that may be considered a general 'good work' (even by the Bible), but to that abounding in Christ which prioritises our distinctive design for a particular place (in relation to heaven first, and also to earth).