The music of Loser's Discovery is intended not so much to be Christian music (in the sense that it may be called 'worship music' befitted to solemn Christian services); but music especially for those of the Christian faith - wherein diversity of philosophy and personality is allowable only within the framework of Biblical instruction - (in the sense that it may be referred to as 'casual entertainment', without being profane).


Although my taste was primarily for circa 1980s heavy rock music in my juvenile years, and later some more moderate styles from late 20th century British culture; I now reject the spirit (including the sound and style as well as the lyrics) of most of the music I have been acquainted with, other than to retain a consideration for why a tune, mood, or structure may appear in various contexts and serve completely different purposes (due to technical differences not belonging to the sheet music).


My mind (but with more latitude outside of formal church meetings) is toward using acoustic sounds as much as possible and avoiding classically rejected off-beat devices and intemperate styles (often characteristic of jazz music for example), with a focus upon (considered) composition (even if minimalist) - being the essence of what draws me to my favourite pieces of music (of any form), and therefore the key to what I regard as 'aesthetically evocative' music (as opposed to what I might regard as skilful, but otherwise limited, technical performances).